silver & gold

  • Surt’s Horn

    An elaborate drinking horn, leaning toward Jelling motifs.

  • Heimdall’s Coffee Mug

    A Viking coffee mug with Jelling motifs.

  • Silver Filligree Cuff

    For a lady's upper arm.

  • Diamond Anniversary Rings

    Matching pair of diamond-anniversary rings. Rings are 18k yellow- and white-gold, respectively, with celtic-knot accents in the corresponding metal – yellow on white, white on yellow.

  • Fenris Ring & earrings

    Pieces commissioned to match the Mjolnir MkIII. More than 6 carats of black diamonds in matching finger- and ear-rings.

  • Elk Ivory Pendant #2

    18k White Gold pendant, set with a pair of elk-ivory buttons. Satin finish with mirror highlights. Shown with matching elk-ivory earrings.

  • Mjolnir Mk III

    Third in the series – a dramatically reworked, unlimited vorsion of the Mk I. Articulated wolf-clasps grasp the troth-ring.

  • Mjolnir Mk II

    Second in my series of Sterling silver Thor's Hammer pendants. Fenris the wolf leers from the face.

  • Mjolnir MkI

    Sterling silver Thor's Hammer pendant. A significant pair of ravens adorn the face.

  • Hartree Wedding Band

    Norse-motif platinum wedding band. Weight nearly one ounce

  • Epona Among the Scythians

    Scythian horses adorn this ornate 1" pendant, a tribute to Epona, Rhiannon and potnia theron.