Iron & Steel

  • Oak Leaf Fireplace Doors

    Copper and steel fireplace doors, to match and complete a 1920s marble fireplace. Some very simple repousse, modern and traditional forms.

  • Hammer-Poll Patriot Tomahawk

    A hammer poll version of a famous movie tomahawk. Client request. Steel.

  • Birch-leaf Fireplace Doors

    Hand-forged in their entirety, from leaves to rivets.

  • Katana

    Entirely hand-forged and polished – an exercise in patience. 11,000 layers of 1090/1040 steel kobuse-welded around a soft-iron core. Dimensions taken from a Kamakura-period Bizen. Fitted with a quilted-maple saya to reflect my western sensibilites.

  • Small Knives

    Three small hunting knives, all 5160. From top, hafts are antler/cedar burl, Koa/Maple/Brass and Walnut with copper pins.

  • Bowie Knife

    An even bigger knife – 15” overall. Differentially-quenched 5160 blade, hafted with antler, nickel-silver and maple then elaborately file-worked. Balance is exceptional.

  • Rococo Pipe Tomahawk

    Pipe tomahawk with light engraving and pewter accents.

  • Walnut Chest

    Small dovetailed walnut chest, with forged iron hardware from extant 18thc New England examples.

  • Colonial Fire Tongs

    From a set of 18th c fireplace tools. Wrought with precision.

  • Fire-tool Stand – Detail

    Detail of a stand for fireplace tools, showing complexity of finials.

  • Lacey Cross Monument

    A large, contemporary Celtic Cross for a family memorial.