Upcoming Forge Classes – Summer/Fall 2018

Blacksmith Classes

Winter/Spring 2019

All tools, materials, safety equipment and lunch are provided.
Rates are per student. Classes begin at 8am unless otherwise noted.

Email douglas@morlockblacksmith.com for more info or to reserve.

Classes are held at 246 Front St N, Campbellford, ON


Blacksmith I – Fundamentals         January 4-6, March 8-10

Learn the 7 essential skills of the blacksmith and shape hot metal into tools and works of art using fire, hammer and anvil. Learn the properties of metal, the proper use of your tools and the ancient techniques of forging iron as you craft your own set of forge tools to use on your own journey. An intensive course, begins Friday at 4:00

Two-and-a-half Days (25hrs). No experience required.


Blacksmith II – The Journeyman Cross      April 5-7, August 16-18

Gain and develop the skills for larger projects as you forge the Journeyman’s Cross – a traditional sculpture that combines and expands upon each fundamental skill, and is assembled using the entire variety of traditional joinery. Learn precision hand forging, how to set collars, rivets, tenons and shrink-fits, gain proficiency with forge-welding and acquire the ornamental skills to forge beautiful ironwork. An intensive course requiring a basic familiarity with blacksmithing.  Begins Friday at 4pm

Two-and-a-half Days (25hrs).     $345

Foundations of Bladesmithing      January 12-13, May 18-19

Gain the skills and knowledge to forge a superior hand knife, for hunting, camping or bushcraft. Working independently, you will learn heat treating, metallurgy, forging and finishing as you complete your own heirloom blade.

Two days (20hrs). No experience required.    $345


My Work

Small Knives

Three small hunting knives, all 5160. From top, hafts are antler/cedar burl, Koa/Maple/Brass and Walnut with copper pins.


Entirely hand-forged and polished – an exercise in patience. 11,000 layers of 1090/1040 steel kobuse-welded around a soft-iron core. Dimensions taken from a Kamakura-period Bizen. Fitted with a quilted-maple saya to reflect my western sensibilites.

Birch-leaf Fireplace Doors

Hand-forged in their entirety, from leaves to rivets.

Hammer-Poll Patriot Tomahawk

A hammer poll version of a famous movie tomahawk. Client request. Steel.

Fenris Ring & earrings

Pieces commissioned to match the Mjolnir MkIII. More than 6 carats of black diamonds in matching finger- and ear-rings.

Rococo Pipe Tomahawk

Pipe tomahawk with light engraving and pewter accents.

Silver Filligree Cuff

For a lady's upper arm.

Walnut Chest

Small dovetailed walnut chest, with forged iron hardware from extant 18thc New England examples.

Epona Among the Scythians

Scythian horses adorn this ornate 1" pendant, a tribute to Epona, Rhiannon and potnia theron.

Oak Leaf Fireplace Doors

Copper and steel fireplace doors, to match and complete a 1920s marble fireplace. Some very simple repousse, modern and traditional forms.

Hartree Wedding Band

Norse-motif platinum wedding band. Weight nearly one ounce

Mjolnir MkI

Sterling silver Thor's Hammer pendant. A significant pair of ravens adorn the face.